The Daltons Last Raid (Western, 1951) Directed by Sam Newfield | Colorized Movie

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They knew but one law... The Law Of Vengeance!
Tom and Fred Denton, rush to California to save their brother Matt from a wrongful hanging following a train robbery charge. After rescuing Matt, they are framed for crimes they didn't commit and become entangled in more criminal activities with outlaw Bill Devlin. Upon returning to Fort Grant, they plan to rob two banks filled with cattle money, escalating tensions in the territory.

Original title: Three Desperate Men (1951) AKA: The Daltons Last Raid / Three Outlaws

Black & White version:
This film is is subtitled with many language options.

Director: Sam Newfield
Writer: Orville H. Hampton
Stars: Preston Foster, Jim Davis, Virginia Grey
Genres: Action, Crime, Western

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