Django Defies Sartana (Western, 1970) Full Movie | Subtitled

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Framed for a bank robbery, bounty killer Django's brother, Steve is lynched. Django hunts down Sartana, Steve's supposed accomplice, but finds him innocent also. The two men seek out the real robbers.

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CCC Chapters:
00:00:00 Full Length Movie
00:07:04 Shootout
00:14:08 Sartana comes to Tombstone
00:21:11 $3k payoff Sartana
00:28:15 Burial
00:35:18 Django finds steve hanging
00:42:21 Words with Herman
00:49:25 Fight scene
00:56:28 Another shootout
01:03:31 Afraid of Sam
01:10:35 killing is a fine art
01:17:38 Beginning of the end

Original title:Django sfida Sartana
Director & Writer: Pasquale Squitieri
Stars: George Ardisson, Tony Kendall, José Torres

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